NewStyle 2311 (live!)

NewStyle 231 disco nu-disco mix by dj marko

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Experience the electrifying energy of the legendary DJ Marko, recorded live on November 4th in the vibrant city of Rotterdam! Immerse yourself in “NewStyle2311,” a groundbreaking nu-disco mix that revolutionizes your dance experience. DJ Marko, a maestro in the music scene, skillfully blends your cherished disco classics with a contemporary twist, infusing them with the pulsating rhythms of today’s nu-disco vibes.

Get ready to be captivated by an exclusive selection featuring the innovative sounds of Dave “Joey Montenegro” Lee, The Shapeshifters, Bob Sinclair, Deep Zone, Anthony Thomas, and Inner City. Each track is a masterpiece, carefully curated to create an unforgettable sonic journey.

But that’s not all – “NewStyle2311” is a treasure trove for the true disco aficionado. Embedded within this mix are hidden gems from the golden era of the 80s and 90s disco dance scene. Are you astute enough to uncover these secret classics?

The fusion of new and fresh sounds with warm, nostalgic vibes creates an atmosphere that’s both exhilarating and comforting. Imagine yourself under the glimmer of a disco ball, clad in glittering attire, moving to the rhythm of the night.

Don’t just listen to music – live it! “NewStyle2311” is more than a mix; it’s a celebration of disco’s enduring legacy, reimagined by DJ Marko for the modern era. Join us on this musical odyssey and rediscover your passion for dance. Let the beats guide you, the melodies uplift you, and the night be forever young. Welcome to the future of disco – where every beat is a memory, and every song is a story. Let’s dance!

1 Joey Montenegro Make A Move On Me (Dubwize Re-Organisation)
2 Block & Crown Feel Love Dubb (Nu Disco Mix)
3 Jame Starck, Yvvan Back, Zetaphunk, Alfreda Gerald He´s Alright (David Penn Extended Edit)
4 Kano I’m Ready (Mousse T’s Extended Club Remix)
5 The Shapeshifters, Ramona Renea, Fiorious Slippery People (Sophie Lloyd Extended Remix)
6 Block & Crown Down to the Ground (Nu Disco Mix)
7 Soul Avengerz, Adeva Musical Freedom (Extended Mix)
8 Bob Sinclar, Matia Bazar, Antonella Ruggiero Ti Sento (Extended Mix)
9 FLIP-DA-FUNK Bitch (Original Mix)
10 Risk Assessment SOMETHING NEW (MY DONNA)
11 Deep Zone, Ceybil Jefferies It’s Gonna Be Alright (Help Is On The Way) (Crackazat Extended Remix)
12 Block & Crown Move On Up (Nudisco Vintage Groove)
13 Dave Lee ZR, Omar Starlight (Grant Nelson VIP Dub)
14 Anthony Thomas Promised Land (Odyssey Inc. Tribute Mix)
15 Tertulien Thomas, Reelsoul, Groove Junkies You Can’t Hide (Shane D Remix)
16 Inner City, Kevin Saunderson Good Life (Remastered) (Extended Mix)